How To Sell Diamonds For Cash

   How To Sell Diamonds For Cash – By: American Coins & Gold – 02/11/18


how to sell diamonds


Diamonds are known for their incredible appearance and rarity.  They are created deep in the Earth by immense pressure to one day be lifted to the surface through a series of volcanic explosions. From there, diamonds are often used in fine jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Due to their rarity and demand diamonds are great at holding their value so you can one day sell them if need be. Once you have decided its time to sell diamonds for cash follow the steps below to ensure you get the highest cash payout possible for your diamonds.


1) Gather all your diamond items you want to sell 

2) Gather paper work and any GIA certifications

3) Bring your diamond items to a trusted buyer

4) Get a free no obligation diamond appraisal & offer

5)  Sell diamonds for your instant cash payout!



Those are the basic steps how to sell diamonds, however there is more than meets the eye. You should always be careful when selling your valuable items and by choosing a buyer with a proven history of honesty will help you get the fairest payout possible. Online auctions (eBay) and finding buyers online (Craigslist) should never be your solution to selling diamonds for cash.  This is the way most people get ripped off and don’t receive the full value of their diamond jewelry.


American Coins & Gold has over 20 years in the diamond buying & selling industry and can offer you a free no obligation appraisal on all your valuable items. We love helping our local community by informing them how to sell diamonds the best way possible. Our appraisal process can be done in one of our 6 locations by our experiences diamond experts. We never pressure any customer to sell if they do not feel comfortable.  Our job is to offer the fairest payout we can based on current market prices and demand. Call or visit us today to sell diamonds for the highest cash payouts!



how to sell diamonds